Watch BBC, TV shows and Movies for free on Apple TV using Kodi/Xbmc

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Here’s my recent project … I’ve Jailbroken an old Apple TV (2nd Gen) and installed Kodi/Xbmc … And now I can watch free TV channels and movies from all over the world!! Who needs BBC iPlayer when you can stream BBC live!…  and of course, we can view all the other UK TV channels too including SKY Sports too!


What’s great about this “hack” is that you can stream all the major TV channels from all over the world, and watch 1000’s of TV shows too! AMC, ABC, The CW, HBO, ShowTime and much much more…


Check out the video



Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Jailbreak your Apple TV (2nd Gen). Using Seas0nPass. Download | Video
  2. Use Nito installer to add NitoTV and XBMC to your Apple TV. Download | Video
  3. Upgrade XMBC to Kodi. Download | Video
  4. Install TVADDONS and Conf Wizard for TV/Movie channels. Video


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