AAEON Announces FWS-2280 Network Appliance Powered by Intel Celeron

AAEON, a leader in uCPE white box solutions, announces the FWS-2280 desktop network appliance. Powered by the Intel Atom x6000E, Celeron and Pentium N and J series processors (formerly Elkhart Lake), the FWS-2280 brings performance, flexibility, and a host of technologies designed to power network applications including UTM, Firewall, SD-WAN, VPN and more.

The FWS-2280 is powered by the latest Intel Atom x6000E, Celeron and Pentium N and J series processors, combined with up to 32 GB of RAM, allowing the system to handle intensive networking applications. The Intel processor helps bring a host of technologies designed for more secure encryption and faster, more accurate connections, such as Intel AES-NI.

Designed for faster, more flexible connections, the FWS-2280 offers the features and support to power any network deployment. The system comes standard with four copper Gigabit RJ-45 LAN ports and one fiber SFP port, allowing fast, direct connections. The FWS-2280 provides ultimate flexibility for wireless networks with six antenna ports and three Mini PCIe slots (co-lay with M.2), allowing up to three expansion modules to be installed at the same time. This allows for the deployment of either multiple overlapping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, as well as support for cellular WWAN deployments utilizing 4G and 5G communication.

The FWS-2280 is built with several features to help deliver more functionality and more reliable networking. The system features a redundant power supply to help keep networks connected even if one power source fails. It also features a 2.5″ SATA drive bay to help power local network storage needs.

“The FWS-2280 is designed to deliver a network solution which provides faster, safer, more accurate data transfer,” said Caridee Hung, Product Manager with AAEON’s Network Systems Division. “The support for multiple wireless connections, including 5G, makes it perfect for deployment in areas with unreliable physical internet connections; and the Intel Atom x6000E processors power modern network applications including Unified Threat Management and SD-WAN.”

AAEON offers a range of manufacturer services which can customize the layout of network system, ensuring network managers and service providers have exactly the solution they need, from powering Work From Home with VPN and Firewall technology, to providing a uCPE white box platform for secure SD-WAN networks.

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