Amazon Blink Mini Camera is Compact and Super Affordable

Check out this little cute camera that’s packed great features such as 1080p recording, motion detection, works with Alexa and comes with built-in mic.

You can buy the Amazon Blink Mini camera for around USD $35 from Amazon –

Taken from Engadget … Amazon’s Blink is known for making affordable, easy-to-install cameras like the XT2. Its latest camera continues the trend. At $35, the Blink Mini is Blink’s most affordable product at the moment and a close competitor to devices like the Wyze Cam Pan. For that price, you get an indoor camera that can capture 1080p footage, detect motion and send alerts to your smartphone. With two-way audio, you can also use the device to talk to your pets and, in a worst-case scenario, intruders.

As you might expect, it pairs with Alexa, allowing you to watch both live and recorded footage, as well as arm and disarm the device using only your voice. Each Blink Mini also includes a free trial of the company’s cloud storage subscription through to the end of the year. 

Unlike with Blink’s past cameras, the Blink Mini doesn’t need any batteries. Instead, setup consists of plugging the camera into a wall outlet, connecting it to your WiFi network and adding the camera to the Blink app. However, the lack of batteries does mean the camera won’t work if there’s a power outage at your home. 

Blink Mini is available to pre-order today, with general availability in the US slated for April 15th. With its modest features, the Blink Mini probably won’t win any head-to-head comparisons, but it’s safe to say it will appeal to people who want an affordable home security solution. 

Source: Engadget 


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