Bauhütte Introduces the Gaming Bed

OMG! Seriously? … A gaming bed!? Oh boy, if I was in my late teens, then this is a must-have! 

Taken from TPU … You may never have heard of Bauhütte before, but they’re a Japanese company specializing on gaming-geared furniture. Think chairs, desks and around-desk accessories, as well as a “cosplay suitcase”… Whatever that is. Now I don’t know about you, but I think Bauhütte could and should think higher. And I can think of nothing that screams “gamer” more than a fully integrated gaming bed. They’ve actually done it.

“It’s really just a twin bed with shelves and a beanie”, you might say, but I think that there is actual thought behind this product. For one, the fact that it’s a twin bed shows an extremely nuanced thought from the company – as in, “if you’re getting this product, you’re likely single anyway, so why waste the space on something you won’t ever be able to change?”. There are some shelves for your hydrating options and choice of snacks, and there’s even a beanie that you can deploy to give you that sweet, 45º upright position that’s great at avoiding some drainage issues involving the act of drinking and your windpipe. never mind the fact that the keyboard is shown at a 90º angle relative to the user: there’s a tablet support on there so you need do nothing more than move your eyes towards your desired content, whatever that may be.

Source: Bauhutte via TPU


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