Best Blender for Smoothies

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A thick and velvety smoothie is one of the most difficult things you can demand from a blender. You’re expecting four tiny blades powered by a motor no bigger than a coffee mug to make frozen fruit, ice, fibrous greens, and gloppy peanut butter into soft serve in a minute. So rather than asking about the best blender for smoothies, the better question to ask is: What’s the best blender? And that’s because if a blender can turn out juice-bar-quality smoothies day after day, it will most likely liquefy almost anything else you’d want to with ease.

Any good blender will deliver a sippable smoothie if you add enough liquid. But if you like yours thick—like, get-those-skinny-straws-outta-here kind of thick—the Vitamix 5200 is the way to go. After years of testing and writing about blenders—both full-size and personal—we’ve found that the Vitamix 5200 consistently produces spoonable frozen smoothies better than any other blender we’ve tested. It also pulverizes gritty berry seeds and whizzes through tough kale better than most. All that power and reliability comes at a price, but we’ve learned that you truly get what you pay for in this particular case. That said, for folks who cringe at the idea of dropping $400 or more on a high-powered blender, a personal blender might be a good choice if you want to make only smoothies and don’t mind them a bit thinner (more on that later).

Source: Engadget


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