CES 2018: Looxid Labs Brain-Monitoring VR Headset

Healthcare has never been more interesting … now you get to play with a VR headset while getting your brain scanned!

Taking in imaginary worlds or a gripping immersive video via VR can elicit strong reactions, and a startup called Looxid Labs wants to know how your brain reacts to all of it. To that end, it built the unimaginatively-named LooxidVR system, a phone-based VR headset that packs two eye-tracking cameras and six EEG brainwave sensors.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: there’s no content out there making use of this kind of data. It’s not hard to imagine potential experiences, though, like a game that modifies its own difficulty based on your stress reactions or a VR video that with narrative paths that branch in response to your brain’s whims.

All of that is theoretically possible, but that’s not the big picture Looxid is concerned about. The team is more focused on turning LooxidVR into a research tool with powerful implications for business and health.

Source: Engadget




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