IKEA Launches Their Own Affordable Smart Lighting System


While IKEA might be known as a company that produces affordable furniture for the masses, the company is into tech as well. For example a couple of years ago IKEA introduced wireless charging and built that into some of its furnitures, and now it looks like the company is expanding into the smart lighting system.

There will also be an accompanying smartphone app that allows users to control the lights, changing it from warm to cool hues, depending on their needs and mood. The company is also introducing the TRÅDFRI wireless motion sensor kit, which as the name suggests is a motion sensor that lets users turn on lights via motion.When it comes to smart lighting, there are several options available to customers out there, however as is the case with most of IKEA’s offerings, the company’s smart lighting system should prove to attractive to customers as it will be relatively more affordable. For example the gateway kit is priced at £69 and will come with two white LED bulbs, a remote control, and a gateway that connects to your router via the ethernet port.

If all of this sounds good, there is some bad news and that is for now, the company’s smart lighting system will only be available in the UK. However just like the wireless charging furniture, we expect that IKEA will eventually expand its availability to other parts of the world, although we can’t say for sure when that is.

Source: UberGizmo

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