Nike Adapt Huarache – The Affordable Self-Lacing Sneakers!

Forget the Nike Mags… the Nike Adapt Huarache is the affordable self-lacing sneaker you really want!

This probably isn’t shocking to anyone who knows me, but I love sneakers perhaps too much for my own good. So when Nike introduced the Adapt BB with power laces earlier this year, I was pretty intrigued: It brought two of my favorite worlds together, sneakers and technology. But for me, the problem with the Adapt BBs is that they’re designed to be a performance basketball shoe, meaning they’re bulky and not something I could wear every day. Now Nike has created the Adapt Huarache, a reimagined version of a classic lifestyle sneaker from 1991, which also features its FitAdapt self-lacing technology.

Look, if I had my pick of self-lacing shoes to own, it would be the 2016 Nike Mags — you know, the ones from Back to the Future. But those were limited edition, and Nike only made 89 pairs total (and I’m not about to drop $75,000 to buy them on a resale app). The Adapt BB and Adapt Huarache cost $350 each, which is much less than the $720 HyperAdapt 1.0, Nike’s first consumer self-lacing sneakers. Even $350 is a steep price to pay for kicks, but since Nike can’t keep the Adapt BB or Adapt Huarache in stock, clearly sneakerheads aren’t fazed.

Similar to the Adapt BBs, the auto-lacing Huaraches can be controlled with an iOS or Android app. That said, if you want the most futuristic experience out of them, you’ll need an Apple device. I, for one, have Adapt Huaraches paired to my iPhone 11 Pro Max (terrible name, by the way, Apple), which lets me use voice commands to control my sneakers. With Siri Shortcuts, you can quickly adjust the laces or check the battery, all simply with your voice. You can have up to five different commands in the Nike Adapt app. They let you tell Siri to do things like “loosen my sneakers,” “check my sneaker batteries” or “switch my sneaker lights.”

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