Sonos Newest Product to be Announced on March 9th

And while you’re waiting for the special event … You can currently buy the Sonos One (Gen2) for around USD $189 from Amazon –

Taken from Engadget …  The smart speaker firm is holding a virtual “special event” on March 9th at 4PM Eastern. The company’s invitation (below) doesn’t say much, but the photo of someone wandering through nature suggests the company might introduce another outdoor-friendly portable speaker akin to the Sonos Move.

There’s evidence to support this. As The Verge spotted earlier this month, a Sonos portable speaker passed through the FCC with lower power consumption than the Move (a hint at a smaller, more affordable design) and a label suggesting a cylindrical shape. This wouldn’t so much be a Move-style luggable device as a competitor to the UE Boom and other Bluetooth portable speakers. It appears to be the first Sonos speaker with WiFi 5 (802.11ac), too, which could improve the reliability of your connection in some scenarios.

Source: Engadget


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