The Best Hair Dryer 2018 by Enagdget

Hair dyers anyone? Well, Engadget has posted their guide to the best hair dryer for 2018.

Hair dryer boxes are adorned with a ton of buzzwords and specs, but hairstylist Allen Ruiz told us he looks for only two things: “hot and fast.” These features are connected to the wattage, which is generally around 1,875 watts for most hair dryers. According to engineer Jim Shapiro, “Essentially all of the energy used by each dryer will be converted into heat, so don’t expect or look for much difference among the dryers here.” This is where we arrived at a central truth about hair dryers: Their performance doesn’t differ much based on advertised specs.

Instead, we narrowed the field based on other features, such as multiple heat settings, a cool-shot button, a nozzle that’s compatible with attachments, a cord that’s long enough to reach across a bathroom, and an intake filter that’s removable for cleaning out debris. We also looked for dryers that are compatible with a diffuser to help dry curly, wavy, or textured hair, and we paid a lot of attention to how each dryer felt in our hands.

Based on these criteria, we picked 12 dryers to test. We started by gauging each dryer’s speed, heat, noise level, and weight, and how long it took to dry a swatch of hair wet with 5 grams of water on the highest setting. These tests helped us identify our favorite dryers, which we used in our daily routines for a couple of weeks before settling on our picks.

Source: Engadget


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