Angry Miao launches AM HATSU, The World’s First Organically Shaped Wireless 3D Split Ergo Keyboard

Under its Make Art Not Tech vision, Angry Miao launched AM HATSU yesterday, the world’s first organically shaped wireless · 3D · split ergo keyboard, priced at 1600 USD.

“Why is nobody using advanced five-axis CNC and the fastest wireless technology to create a keyboard that truly speaks to the user’s imagination and actually improves the health of the shoulder and neck?” said Li Nan, founder of Angry Miao. “It’s because nobody dares to create a keyboard that pushes boundaries and has no regard for cost”.

Organically shaped metal body, inspired by Westworld
Westworld is a sci-fi drama set in the future, with a brain-burning plot exploring human nature. Its widely praised opening animation comprises of a futuristic robotic arm sculpting a living organic shape, matched with the rhythm of piano and string music. This opening animation was the inspiration of AM HATSU’s design.

Aviation-grade five-axis CNC metal crafting and surface treatment technology is used to create the organically shaped AM HATSU, just like the bionic man in Westworld.

Going all the way for human health
AM HATSU has a futuristic design with sharp lines that serve a true purpose. Its wireless design, advanced 3D curved surface greatly reduces strain on all parts of the arm.

Protecting shoulders through a split wireless design
Studies have shown that slouching is especially bad for the human, which is unavoidable with the size and shape of traditional keyboards. A split keyboard eases this burden on the shoulders, by taking into account the different width of shoulders. AM HATSU is equipped with the most advanced wireless chip and uses two wireless communication protocols at the same time to connect to the host and two independent split keyboards, ensuring an ultra-low latency wireless connection.

Between the left and right keyboards, low-frequency communication is used to ensure sufficient anti-interference, perfectly matching even the messiest desktops. This is the best wireless solution available today, with the lowest power consumption, the strongest anti-interference ability and lowest latency.



Protecting wrists through a curved metal surface
When people are using traditional keyboards, they will inevitably bend their wrists when typing on a flat surface. The AM HATSU uses an advanced three-dimensional shape with a high inside and low outside which effectively avoids pain in the wrist joints. Due to the complex curved lines, ordinary metal 3D printing cannot match the required precision and surface smoothness. Therefore aviation industry-level five-axis CNC crafting is used to achieve AM HATSU’s strength, durability and finishing its curved surfaces.

Protecting fingers through a 4×6 layout
With ergonomics at its core, AM HATSU is not only very different from traditional keyboards, it also features an unconventional 4×6 layout. Repeated movement of fingers increases the burden on the fingers and wrist. Therefore, the key positions on AM HATSU have been optimized compared to traditional keyboards. This difference in key layout comes with a small learning curve for long-time keyboard users, but is well worth it when put against the health benefits that the new layout brings.

Available in cash and crypto, shipping in 6 months
AM HATSU is still in its development stage and will be ready in 6 months. The first batch is limited to 100 units. Each of these 100 units are equipped with a unique code, adding to its exclusivity.

As the world’s first brand to release a physical product on a NFT platform, Angry Miao released exclusive NFT on OpenSea (, one of the largest NFT trading platforms on the Ethereum network. After placing a deposit for the corresponding NFT and paying the remaining balance, users can obtain a physical copy of the AM HATSU keyboard on a 1:1 basis through Angry Miao’s official website. Holders of NFT have the full rights to collect or resell.

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