Introducing the X-1 Cooler from Antec


Silent cooling fan built for the Xbox One


The X-1 Cooler keeps your Xbox One running at optimal temperature through hours of video streaming or your most intense multiplayer matches. The powerful cooling fan efficiently draws hot air away from your console and directs it to the rear exhaust vent, promoting better airflow even in cramped entertainment centers. The X-1 Cooler is tested to reduce console temperature by 30%, so you can focus on your K/D ratio, and not worry about your system overheating or dropping frame rates from slowing down your games. The X-1 Cooler’s sleek body and glossy bezel complement your Xbox One, making it the ultimate essential , whether you’re a gaming aficionado, or just want your Xbox One to last longer.

 Keeps your console running at optimal performance through hours of gameplay. The powerful cooling fan efficiently draws hot air away from the console and is tested to reduce console temperature up to 30%. Know how hot your system is running- one sensor reads ambient temperature and the second sensor reads the temperature of the air exhausting from the console. The intergrated thermal controlled switch activates the cooling fan when the console reaches 86°F / 30°C, for performance when you need it. Rest you controller, headset, or other accessories on top without blocking the top exhaust vent.





Model X-1 Cooler
UPC 0-761345-75070-7
Input USB DC 5V ; 0.3A / 1.5W
Fan Speed 0 – 1000 rpm (±200 rpm)
Unit Dimensions 274 mm (D) X 165 mm (W) X 35 mm (H) / 10.78” (D) X 6.50” (W) X 1.37” (H)
Weight • Net Weight .92 lbs / 14.8 oz • Gross Weight 1.5 lbs / 24 oz



Source:  Antec

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