Adobe’s Lightroom Downloader Lets You Rescue Your Images From the Cloud

Lightroom Downloader

Adobe has released Lightroom Downloader app, an application that pulls original image and video files from the cloud and stores them locally in a folder.

The Lightroom Downloader app is available for both Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra, and requires users to log in with their Lightroom account. Once the login is complete, users are prompted to choose a hard drive location to which the cloud content will be downloaded.

As Adobe explains on its help site, Lightroom Downloader pulls all of the cloud video and image files and parks them in a date-based folder in a user-specific hard drive location. Any edits made to these original, raw files will be written into XMP sidecar files alongside the raw files.

In instances where only a Smart Preview is cloud synced, Adobe says its app will download the DNG Smart Previews for those photos.

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