Lamborghini Sian – Hybrid SuperCar With 819 Horsepower

“We are a game-changer and a provocateur,” Lamborghini’s CTO, Maurizio Reggiani told Engadget. The automaker has a long history of making waves with traffic-stopping designs and more recently, innovative tech. At last week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Italian company unveiled its Sian hybrid supercar. But it ditched the traditional battery pack in favor of a supercapacitor to power an electric motor, which is exactly what you would expect from the Italian company.

Typically a hybrid uses a lithium-ion battery pack to store energy. Then when needed, it transfers an electrical current to a motor (or motors) to either help the gas-powered engine or take over propulsion entirely. It’s a recipe that has successfully improved gas mileage and sold over six millions of Toyota Prius.

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The output of the 48volt motor installed into the gearbox is 34 horsepower which brings the total power output of the V12 Sian to 819 horsepower. While 34 horsepower doesn’t seem like much, it means the vehicle can do zero to 62 miles per hour in under 2.8 seconds. That’s Tesla Model S Performance and Porsche Taycan levels of fast.

Source: Engadget


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