FBI unwilling to share Tor hacking secrets

Well what a surprise …I didn’t expect the FBI to spill the beans or share any info about people who use the Tor network to access a child pornography site. It’s a classic case of “no further comment” because the case is still under investigation.

“The FBI is resisting calls to reveal how it identified people who used a child pornography site on the Tor anonymising network. The agency was ordered to share details by a Judge presiding over a case involving one alleged user of the site.

Defence lawyers said they need the information to see if the FBI exceeded its authority when indentifying users.

But the Department of Justice (DoJ), acting for the FBI, said the details were irrelevant to the case.

“Knowing how someone unlocked the front door provides no information about what that person did after entering the house,” wrote FBI agent Daniel Alfin in court papers filed by the DoJ which were excerpted on the Vice news site.”

Source: BBC



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