Destiny 2 Now Has Ghost Alexa Skill and Replica Speaker

Whether you’re a Destiny 2 newbie sampling its free trial or a hardened vetgriping about player progress, one thing we can all agree on is the general awesomeness of the game’s Ghost AI. The floating intelligence is a tipster, guide, and mechanic all rolled in to one. Activision is so enamoured with the virtual assistant that it’s pairing it up with Amazon’s Echo speakers. Yes, a Ghost Alexa skill is now available for players that want to bark voice orders at a real-life version of the virtual assistant. With it, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to ask Ghost to equip load-outs, scout levels, and join a clan.

If that doesn’t sound slightly convoluted in itself, you can also pre-order a $90 Ghost replica speaker that syncs with an Amazon Echo device to carry out your bidding. The perks include responses from the Ghost himself, Nolan North (unfortunately, there’s no Peter Dinklage option for fans of the first game), with over a thousand custom responses.

The Ghost speaker will ship on December 19th (but you’ll have to be fast as the limited edition replica is only available for the next three hours), while the Alexa skill is out now. Judging by its announcement, it seems Amazon wants devs to create more video game skills, as it looks to tap into the lucrative gaming market.

Source: Amazon Alexa via Engadget


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