Lenovo Daydream VR Headset Coming Soon in May 2018

It seems like everybody’s doing VR headsets, including Lenovo …

Lenovo only gave a vague “second quarter” release window for its Mirage Solo Daydream VR headset when we saw it in January, but there might be firmer date to work with. B&H is listing the standalone wearable as available for pre-order with a May 11th ship date and a $400 price tag. We’ve asked Lenovo if it can vouch for the accuracy of the listing. We tend to take these discoveries with a huge grain of salt (stores frequently pick arbitrary dates as placeholders), but there might be some credulity to this one.

You see, Google’s 2018 I/O developer conference ends the day before the Mirage Solo supposedly goes on sale. If Google wants to talk about progress in Daydream VR (such as the Mirage Solo’s self-contained positional tracking), what better way to cap things off than to sell a headset that takes advantage of the latest features? This could certainly be unintentional, but the timing is uncanny.

Source: B&H via The Verge and Engadget


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