Audeze Announces the Mobius Gaming Headset With Spatial Positioning Tech

Audeze, a company that prides itself in offering a premium sound solution for gamers, has launched their latest headset – the Mobius. The Mobius headset features 3D spatial positioning simulation, which takes the audio source and applies a number of Audeze technologies – their planar magnetic technology, for instance, combined with head tracking, room simulation, and sound localization technologies.

The Mobius support either wired or wireless connections (via Bluetooth) depending on the various use cases for them, and Audeze is quoting up to 10 hours of battery life on Bluetooth mode, which should be enough to last most users throughout the day. The microphone is of the detachable kind, again to allow for various use cases. Brought to bear via an Indiegogo campaign, Audeze is quoting a June 2018 shipping date at the earliest for their new Mobius headset. Purchasing via the Indiegogo funding will net users a discount down to $259 per headset (compared to the $399 retail pricing that Audeze is quoting). Users have a choice of gold or blue accents on their new headset.

Sources: Audezevia ETeknix


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