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The Pilot by Waverly Labs – Universal Language Translator

May 21, 2016 0

This one gadget I want!! … Taking the idea from Star Trek’s universal language translator, the Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece (or earbuds) which translates between users speaking different languages. You’ll be

CASIO Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 Review

May 19, 2016 0

When it comes to standard digital watches, CASIO stands out above all others in features, reliability, and accuracy. From their cheapest plastic tickers to their GPS-connected, solar-powered, apocalypse-proof metal masterworks, CASIO generally makes the best,

Mars By Crazybaby Is A Wireless Speaker That Is Out Of This World

May 9, 2016 0

When it comes to consumer electronics products made in China, the one-word consensus of the American consumer — although not necessarily accurate — has historically been “cheap”, “low-quality” or “copied.” Chinese manufacturing has gone a

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