Godfall gameplay trailer offers a new look at combat

I like the look of this game. It reminds me of the God of War games.

Taken from VG247…. The brand new Godfall gameplay trailer showcased at PlayStation’s State of Play event has provided us with a look of how combat is going to shape up in Counterplay’s upcoming looter-slasher.

We got a look at two new weapons in today’s Godfall gameplay trailer – the dual blades and the longsword. Each has its own unique combat style, and come packed with their own advantages.

You can check out the trailer below, or read on for a breakdown of the new weapon classes.



According to the combat reveal, the dual blades are the fastest weapon class in Godfall, embodying “speed” and “mobility.” You can perform a dual blades combo by executing four consecutive light attacks, and can chain a heavy Blade Cyclone finisher onto the end if you time it right.

The dual blades class seems more like a typical rogue style of combat from a traditional fantasy RPG, although it’s significantly more aggressive than most other iterations.

Meanwhile “longswords are balanced weapons embodying crisp damage.” Apparently they don’t require the kind of elaborate setups necessitated by the dual blades, but they have similar combo chains.

Longswords also have three signature moves – Spectral Flurry, which can’t be interrupted and damages several enemies in your immediate vicinity, Spiral Technique, which can be used to “eviscerate” enemies in a straight line, and Shield Uppercut, which allows you to execute a powerful shield strike if timed correctly.

According to the new Godfall gameplay trailer, the shield is a “core part of Godfall.”

In related news, Godfall will not have microtransactions.

Source: VG247

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