Next PS5 announcement coming this month

Hopefully will announce the price and will be able to pre-order.

Taken from VG247… It sounds like we are indeed going to learn more about PS5 this month.

Sony may not hold the next batch of PS5 details for much longer, or at least, that appears to be the plan. As part of its reporting on PlayStation’s Q1 financials, Bloomberg revealed that the next PS5 announcement is coming this month.

The outlet cited an anonymous source at PlayStation, but didn’t reveal what the next information drop is going to bring us. That said, this is only “tentatively scheduled” for this month, so plans may change.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the PS5. It’s already much later in the year, compared to previous launches, for crucial information like price and launch date to be revealed, but Sony has been tight lipped thus far.

After promising no PS5 hardware news at the June games event, the platform holder surprised everyone with a first look at the box, and the reveal of a disc-less PS5. Outside of the hardware specs, that’s about the extent of what we know about the PS5.

Earlier this week, Sony announced the next State of Play livestream, but immediately clarified that it won’t bring any big PS5 news, frustrating fans and further extending the wait for crucial information. The platform holder could, of course, have another event line up for August.

For reference, we’re also seemingly going to find out more about Xbox Series X – and likely the rumoured Lockhart – this month.

Source: VG247

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