New Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Launching December 23

Xiaomi entered into the personal computer market this year with its Mi Notebook Air. Available in two sizes: a 12.5-inch model and a 13-inch model, which also sport different internals; the Mi Notebook Air has been praised for its design and build quality. Although we can’t ignore how it shares similarities to Apple’s MacBook Air, something Xiaomi is not even ashamed of hiding as it is evident in even the naming.

You might have thought we wouldn’t be hearing of a new Mi Notebook Air not until next year, but Xiaomi thinks differently as they have a new model launching in Beijing on Friday, 23rd of December.

Mi Notebook Air

The invitation to the event shows the right side of a computer similar to the Mi Notebook Air, however this one seems to have a 4G module as there is a 4G network signal in the lower right corner of the screen. The invitation also has Xiaomi’s logo and China Mobile’s logo on it. Sources say there is a chance this is just a 4G version of the original Mi Notebook Air and nothing more. We however don’t want to rule out the fact that it might feature some additional changes.

The Mi Notebook is currently priced at ¥3499 ($525) for the 12.5-inch model and ¥4999 ($750) for the 13-inch model. A 4G model is sure to raise the price unless Xiaomi slashes the price of the non-4G models and keeps the 4G models at the original price.

Source: GizmoChina

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