Microsoft Proposes Helper Bot Boom

Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Automatons … they’re here already! And they’re here to stay for good! Ever watched HER staring Joaquin Phoenix … well that’s what I want! A Scarlett Johansson type of bot 🙂




“Microsoft has unveiled a new system of bots that can represent businesses and interact with users via Skype. Social bots are automated programs that can chat to users in a humanlike way. As part of the Build developer conference, Microsoft also revealed updates to digital assistant Cortana, which can interact with bots on the user’s behalf.

Cortana will now function across various devices and operating systems, like Android and iOS. The tech giant also announced a Skype app for its HoloLens headset.

“We want to build intelligence that augments human abilities and experiences,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella told the audience at Build in San Francisco.

Mr Nadella described Cortana as “a truly unbounded personal assistant that’s always with you” as he explained that it would be available across Windows, iOS and Android devices. 

Source: BBC



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