ASUS Begins Enabling Limited PCIe Gen 4.0 on AMD 400-Series Motherboard

But Asus aren’t too happy about this … 

With the arrival of the three-generation Ryzen processor, various motherboard manufacturers have upgraded. The 300 and 400 series old motherboards only need to update the BIOS, and can also be used with the three-generation Ryzen, and the cost and price are lower than the latest X570 motherboard.

One of the unique advantages of the X570 motherboard is that it supports PCIe 4.0. The previous statement is that only three generations of Ryzen with X570 can open PCIe 4.0. The old motherboard is not blessed, but the result is not the case!

Recently, ASUS officially launched a worry-free free upgrade BIOS service, its X370, B350, A320, X470, B450 motherboards have all been updated, can fully support the three generations of Ryzen, X470, B450 and even unlocked PCIe 4.0.

According to the official list released by ASUS, 7 X370 , 8 B350 , 13 A320 , 6 X470 , 13 B450, all 47 AM4 interface motherboards , now updated to the latest BIOS, can be used with the three generations of Ruilong. You can also get a complete UEFI graphical BIOS setup interface with a richer tuning option.

Among them, ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO, ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO (WI-FI), ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME, ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO, ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO (WI-FI AC) 7 players national motherboard support BIOS Flashback upgrade, also In the case of only the motherboard, there is no one or two generations of the Athlon processor, you can directly add the BIOS file to the USB flash drive and then plug it into the USB BIOS Flashback interface on the back of the motherboard.

Sources: MyDrivers (main story)


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