PALIT Introduces the GeForce RTX 3070 JetStream Graphics Card ahead of Launch

Well, someone got excited didn’t they lol … I guess, there’s no real harm in announcing their GeForce RTX 3070 early ahead of launch, which apparently will be around 29th October.

Taken from Videocardz … The teaser comes from Palit’s social media, where the graphics card which was clearly labeled as RTX 3070. This SKU is expected to have a much lower TGP than GA102-based RTX 3090/3080 models (220W vs 320/350W). What remains unclear is whether Palit has plans for the GA102-based JetStream series at this time.

The graphics card has a very short PCB, which ends almost in the middle of the card’s length. Unfortunately, this is where the dual 8-pin power connectors are located, meaning that cable management might be a problem.

Palit’s RTX 3070 JetStream does not appear to have a lot of RGB lightning, or so does the teaser seem to indicate. It looks like the JetStream logo located on the front might be the only part that lits up. Overall, the 3070 JetStream is kept in a full black design with the backplate extending beyond the card’s length. This is where the fan will push the hot air through the exposed heatsink, similar to NVIDIA Ampere Founders Edition cards.

The manufacturer confirms it will reveal the full specifications of RTX 3070 JetStream on October 29th when RTX 3070 officially goes on sale.


Source: VideocardzPALIT @ Twitter


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