Sony A9 II Mirrorless Camera – Faster With Smarter Autofocus

And … we have another high-end mirrorless camera from Sony! Yours for USD $4,500

Most photographers loved the speed of Sony’s full-frame A9, but were less fond of the handling and durability. With today’s launch of the Alpha A9 II full-frame mirrorless camera, Sony has addressed a lot of those issues. It has the same unbeatable shooting speeds as before, but is more rugged and weatherproof thanks to a new, anti-shock shutter and better seals and covers. At the same time, a redesigned grip makes it easier to handle, especially if you’re shooting for hours with a long telephoto lens.

The A9 II keeps the same 24.2-megapixel Exmor RS CMOS sensor as the last model, and delivers the same shooting speeds: 10 fps with the mechanical shutter and 20 fps (blackout free) with the electronic shutter. (The latter speed is double what the impressive new A7R IV can do.) The A9 II also has the same 693 phase-detection AF points that cover 93 percent of the sensor, along with 425 contrast-detect points.

What’s new is the Bionz X processor and AI tech that we first saw on the Sony’s A6400. It can handle 60 continuous autofocus and auto-exposure calculations per second, so the A9 II can nail focus more quickly than before — and the original A9 was already an incredible AF sniper. Sony’s face-, eye- and animal-detect system is also faster and more accurate, and Sony said that the new system would perform especially well for sports and photojournalism.

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… With all the changes, the A9 II is faster, tougher and easier to handle, making it more useful for pro photographers. And with a $4,500 price tag (body only), that’s exactly who it’s aimed at. It will be available in the US sometime in November 2019.

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