Silverstone ECM24-ARGB PCIE 4 Adapter Card Review

Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB PCIE 4 Adapter Card. This little accessory allows you to add ARGB lighting effects to any PCIE Gen4x4 NVMe M.2 SSD, along with a large heatsink for extra cooling. Most M.2 SSDs on the market don’t offer RGB, and the included heatspreader does little to help with cooling. So when I heard about an PCIE 4 Adapter Card from Silverstone that offers both ARGB lighting effects plus extra cooling, while keeping full PCIE 4 performance … I had to check it out.



If you have one of the latest AMD motherboards based on the X570 or B550 chipset, you’ll notice there are a limited M.2 slots supporting PCIE 4.0. Furthermore, these motherboards are usually covered by a large heat-shield, which means your lovely M.2 SSD will be completely covered and invisible to the public. So what’s the solution? Well, Silverstone have come up with an adapter card that supports PCIE Gen4x4 NVMe M.2 SSDs, while offering ARGB lighting effects and a large heatsink for extra cooling. This adapter card can be installed on any PCIE x4 or x16 slots on your motherboard.



M.2 NVMe SSD NGFF M key to PCIe x4 ARGB adapter card with heatsink and thermal pad

  • ARGB LED flashing design, includes 4-1pin ARGB cable
  • Converts one M.2 port (M key) into one PCIe x4 interface
  • Includes aluminum heatsink and thermal pad for enhanced M.2 SSD cooling
  • Supports 2230,2242,2260 and 2280 length M.2 PCIe/NVMe SSD
  • Includes optional low-profile expansion slot
  • No driver installation required



Model No. SST-ECM24-ARGB
Connectors 4-1 Pin 5V ARGB
Interface PCI Express x 4
SSD Interface M.2 (NGFF)
Module Key PCIe x4 NVMe-based M key
Support Length of M.2 SSD 30mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm
Net Weight and dimension Heatsink with PCB:121mm (W) x 20mm (H) x 130mm (D), 110g
Heatsink with PCB:4.76″ (W) x 0.79″ (H) x 5.12″ (D), 110g
Thermal Pad
Thermal conductivity 1.5W/m.k
Operating temperature -40 °C ~ 180 °C
Thermal pad thickness 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm
Net Weight and dimension Blue Pad 1:70mm (W) x 1mm (H) x 20mm (D), 3.2g
Blue Pad 2:70mm (W) x 1.5mm (H) x 20mm (D), 4.61g
Gray Pad 1:70mm (W) x 0.75mm (H) x 20mm (D), 2.53g
Gray Pad 2:70mm (W) x 1.75mm (H) x 20mm (D), 5.52g

The following SSD models have been tested and verified by SilverStone to work optimally with the product presented on this page.

For more information, you can visit Silverstone’s website. You can buy the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB PCIE 4 Adapter Card for around USD $38.99 from Amazon –



Box and Packaging


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Temperatures Idle

Idle temperatures of the XPG Gammix S50 was around 31 degrees Celisus, which is what we expected. The magic happens when the SSD is at full load.



Temperatures at Full Load

During our full load test, the temperatures hardly budged … it was at an impressive low of only 34 degrees Celsius. Looks like the massive heatsink of the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB did the trick. Normally the full load temps of the Gammix S50’s using the included heatspreader is around 69 degrees Celsius (link).



Conclusion and Verdict

The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB PCIE 4 Adapter Card is a great little accessory, that allows you to add ARGB lighting effects to any PCIE Gen4x4 M.2 SSD, without affecting PCIE 4 performance. What’s more, I also like the large Aluminum heatsink which really helps to cool the SSD significantly, from the normally high temperature of 69 degrees (at full load using the Gammix S50’s own heatspreader) to a super cool 34 degrees Celsius with the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB.

The ARGB lighting effects are a great added bonus, and are fully compatible with all of the major RGB ecosystems out there, including Asus Aura Sync, ASRock Polychome Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, RGB Fusion, Biostar RGB Sync, and more.

And finally, the package also comes with 4 thermal pads included, a standard and a low-profile PCIE mounting brackets, as well as a 4-pin ARGB cable for your motherboard. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s also backward compatible for PCIE Gen3x4 M.2 SSDs. All-in-all, for what’s worth, the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB is a pretty impressive package to say the least.



Final Thoughts

If you want add ARGB lighting effects to any PCIE Gen4x4 NVMe M.2 SSD, along with extra cooling, then the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB PCIE 4 Adapter Card is your answer.  You can buy the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB PCIE 4 Adapter Card for around USD $38.99 from Amazon –


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