FJGEAR 4-Port USB HDMI KVM Switch Review

Today we’ll be taking a quick look at the FJGEAR 4-Port USB HDMI KVM Switch. The unit is exactly as the name suggests. It’s a 4-port KVM switch that supports both USB 2.0, HDMI inputs/outputs, HD 1080p resolution, and easy switching using keyboard Hot Keys.

OK, so here’s a little background. I own several computers at the studio … one for gaming, one for video/content creation and a 15″ laptop, as well as an open test bench. A total of 4 systems. So here’s the problem … I wanted to be able to switch between the 4 different computers, without having to unplug and re-plug all the cables of my monitor, keyboard or mouse.  You see, I only own one 24″ monitor and of course one set of keyboard and mouse. So what’s the solution? Well, I got myself a FJGEAR 4-Port USB HDMI KVM Switch. And here’s how it works …



1.Please use the wired keyboard and mouse for stable operation. The product does not need to be connected to DC5V power supply, USB can be used for power supply. (If the device does not have USB interface connection, you need 5V power connection, such as projector and other equipment)
2. When indicator light flash, it can not support PC selection



  • 4 Ports HDMI USB 2.0 KVM Switch
  • One USB Console controls 4 HDMI interface computers
  • Double-click Scroll Lock or Num Lock for PC selection in turns, or front panal push button for PC selection
  • Hot Keys PC Selection(software needed)
  • Support 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p(HDTV), 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1920×1080 (PC)
  • Support Win98/98SE/2000/ME/2003/2008/XP/Win7/Win8/WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux, MAC
  • Auto Scan mode for monitoring all computers and HDMI Devices


Switch Type:

  1. Switch Panel Push Button
  2. Keyboard Scroll Lock or Num Lock Button Double Click
  3. Keyboard Hot Keys, software needed
  4. Mouse Selection or 10-60 auto switch, software needed


Package Included:

  • 1 x USB HDMI KVM Switch
  • 4 x USB Type-B Cable
  • 1 x software CD
  • 1 x Manual


Box and Packaging

The box and packaging is well presented. It comes ready with 4 x USB A-to-B cables, the KVM switch itself, a warranty card but no 5V power pack.


A Closer Look

The build quality of unit was surprisingly good and much better than I expected. You’ll find 4 large buttons on the front of the unit for switching between the computers.

At the rear end, you’ll find an array of connectors. There’s 4 HDMI inputs and 4 USB (Type-B) ports (same ones you’ll find on your printer). These will connect to your computers.

On the far left, you’ll find 1 HDMI output, which goes to your monitor and 3 USB (Type-A) ports for connecting your keyboard and mouse. 


In Action

No issues with connecting all my cables. All the cables fit snuggly into the connectors. In other words, there’s nothing loose or wobbly.  



Verdict and Conclusion

I have to admit … I’m very impressed with the FJGEAR 4-Port USB HDMI KVM Switch. I did have my doubts when I ordered it online, as it only costs around USD $55. Most KVM switches that supports HDMI inputs/outputs can cost in excess of USD $150, and that’s only for a 2 port switch! Yes, I know it’s a cheap China brand, but my word it has everything I need. It’s got 3 x USB 2.0 ports for my peripherals, 4 x HDMI inputs for my computers, it supports HD 1080p resolution, and offers easy switching using keyboard Hot Keys (software included).

Thanks to the FJGEAR 4-Port USB HDMI KVM Switch, I’ll never have to unplug/re-plug any more cables when I want to switch between different computers. 

value award


If you want a cheap an affordable 4-port HDMI KVM switch, then take look at this unit. You won’t be disappointed. 

Buy the FJGEAR 4-Port USB HDMI KVM Switch for only USD $55 from Amazon –


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