Fantaseal 60 Min 360 Degree Rotary Time Lapse Tripod Mount

Today we’re going to take a quick look at the Fantaseal 60 Min 360 Degree Rotary Time Lapse Tripod Mount. This little accessory for time lapse photography is an absolute bargain, and probably one of the best purchases I’ve made this year. 

If you’re filming a time lapse video, most of the recording is done in one fixed position. In other words, your camera is stationary and doesn’t move. That’s all good, but what if you want to add a nice scrolling effect to your time lapse video (aka hyperlapse). You can of course use a decent video editing software to get this effect. But what if I told you … you can get this effect (without post production and editing) all for less than $25!



Meet the Fantaseal 60 Min 360 Degree Rotary Time Lapse Tripod Mount. It’s basically an egg timer that has camera mounts on both top and bottom, allowing you to mount any camera and tripod. It rotates 360 degrees up to maximum of 60 minutes.



  • Used for making panning time-lapse videos or panoramic images. Please spin the time lapse (the upper half) clockwise to set the working time when use. Do Not Zero it manually while working.
  • Can also be used to Create 90 degree (15 minutes), 180 degree (30 minutes), 270 degree (45 minutes), 360 degree (60 minutes) sweeping time-lapse pictures and films.
  • Durable Construction, Precision Mechanism.
  • Has METAL 1/4″-20 adapters on top and bottom. Easily to attach action cameras and fix to tripods.
  • Compatible with Go Pro GoPro Hero 5 Black / 5 Session / Hero 4 Black / Silver / 4 Session / Hero / Hero+ / Hero+ LCD / Hero 3+ Black / Silver / White / Hero 3 Black / Silver/ White / Hero 2 SJCAM Xiaomi YI Yi 4K DBPOWER GEEKPRO Lightdow QUMOX ICEFOX Vic Tsing Topjoy KIPTOP MAOZUA TomTom Bandit Garmin Virb X XE VIRB Ultra 30 Veho MUVI HD10 MUVI V1 V2 Action Camera, and cameras less than 16oz. Compatible with Smartphones with optional adapter.



Action Cam Mounted

Here, I’ve mounted an action cam. As you can see the unit comes with an action camera mount already included.


Canon M6 Mounted

Here, I mounted my Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera by adding a ball joint. It seem to take the weight with no issues and balances surprisingly well.

I also used a mini tripod to see what the whole setup will look like. Again, no issues with balance or weight.


iPhone Mounted

Using the same ball joint, I tested it with an iPhone clamp (or any smartphone clamp). Again, I didn’t encounter any issues with balance or weight.


Video Footage

Here are some of the video footage I managed to film using the iPhone. 


Verdict and Conclusion

Ever since I started vlogging and filming, I always wanted to add some nice effects to my videos. Time lapse is great, but your camera is stationary and fixed in one position. And after a while, it can get a little boring with the same fixed position time lapse. 

With the Fantaseal 60 Min 360 Degree Rotary Time Lapse Tripod Mount, I can add new life to my videos. I now have more options to get the panning/panoramic time lapse video footage I wanted (a kind of semi hyperlapse). All for $25!

The unit comes with an action cam mount included. If you haven’t got one, don’t worry. You can remove the action cam mount and place a ball joint to the unit instead, which then allows you to mount literally any video equipment … DSLR, mirrorless, compact cameras.

Yeah I know, at the end of the day this little accessory is basically an egg timer with camera mounts. Still, I ain’t going to complain if I can get the results I wanted.


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