TUNAI DRUM High-Resolution Bass Enhanced Audiophile Earphone Review

DRUM offers a sound signature for every preference. Clear, rich, powerful bass sounds with affordable price!

I put my hand up and admit that I was once a snob when it came to earphones, I had thought that getting a pair of good earphones meant I had to splash out a few bucks, but that all changed when I stumbled across a pair of Piston 3’s from Xiaomi a year or so ago when my regular earphones broke down after being in the washing machine too many times.

TUNAI is a relatively new Taiwan company looking to bring out audio products to the mass market that are not only innovative, but also not having to break the bank. Their first product was the FIREFLY, previewed at CES 2015, being one of, if not the smallest Bluetooth receiver in the world…..and all coming in at under US$35!


Intuitive and ease to use, improving your lifestyle is our mission. , and “Simple, but Significant” is our slogan. In TUNAI CREATIVE, we believe technology shouldn’t be complicated, and should be used to provide convenience to life. This believe, has internalized into our development process. Discuss, modify and verify again and again to make the use of product more intuitive. Likewise, we hope our product attracts you for purchasing, not just because it’s a new gadget with unique looks; but something that brings more convenience to your life.




The DRUM is TUNAI latest offering, a pair of affordable earphones with the main selling point being able to bang out high resolution bass. In order to garner interest and support, TUNAI has decided to crowd source the DRUM on Kickstarter, with a very reachable goal of just US$15,000.

Let’s get straight in have a look at the DRUM’s technical specifications:

DRUM specs

For a set of affordable earphones, the stand out technical specification of the DRUM is its larger frequency response range, as low as 10Hz and as high as 40,000Hz. The problem with such small earphones packing such a high range of frequency response has always been sounds of different ranges drowning each other out such as piercing treble masking out the bass, so I’m hoping that TUNAI has got some magic up their sleeves and have managed to pull this off with the DRUM.



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