Surface Book 2 To Have USB-C Port, 4K Screen

May 9, 2016 0

If you have been waiting for the next iteration of the Surface Book before sinking your teeth into Microsoft’s first laptop, then your patience might be paying off. Or not. The Surface Book is undoubtedly an impressive

Samsung Gear 360 Camera Arrives 29 April

April 27, 2016 0

Samsung unveiled the Gear 360 virtual reality camera last month at Mobile World Conference. People were generally impressed, but without a price tag most withheld judgment. Well today onstage at the Samsung Developer’s Conference, the company revealed that

KTC Releases New 4K TV

September 23, 2014 0

So 4K is pretty much the new “thing” when it comes to screens of all shapes and sizes. Video games supporting 4K resolutions and 4K video streams are starting to become the norm, all the while

AMD Launches World’s Fastest Graphics Card

April 8, 2014 0

  I believe that I just heard the sound of a TITAN crumbling to the ground in agony and defeat. That price though! — AMD Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card, engineered for ultimate speed and

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