Improve Your Gaming Skills

How to improve your online gaming skills

Your video game prowess is like any other ability you may have, from playing the piano to throwing a fastball, it is a perishable skill. Play regularly and often, and you’ll be at the top of your game on a consistent basis. Take a few weeks off or longer, and you’ll notice that there will be a period of ‘finding your groove’ before you reach your comfort level again and get back into the zone. But non-stop playing alone is not going to advance your general skills by any meaningful margin, which is why we have six tips for getting the most out of your online gaming.


Information is power

To be good at a game, you need to understand the game. You often hear about how when someone is good at basketball, baseball, etc. that they are a ‘student of the game’. What this means is that they normally eat, sleep and breath the activity they’re involved in and spend time away from the playing field to read up on the activity, get tips and advice, and let it all seep into their brain.

The more you think about your game, the more focused you will be when trying to become a better player, because now you’re mentally and emotionally invested. That extra motivation is what makes the difference between good casual players and great competition online gamers.



Watch and learn

There’s a reason why sports teams watch game film of their opponents: it’s to learn their strategies, spot potential weaknesses and learn more about themselves at the same time. That thought process can easily be applied to online gaming.

Get on YouTube or Twitch and find expert players you can watch and learn from. They may tell you how to handle different maps in a game, what weapon loadouts work best, and other great tips that will help you continue to push the envelope on your own skills, especially when you feel like you’ve hit a progression roadblock and need some new information to work with.


The right tools for the job

You can be the best guitar player in the world, but a $75 guitar is always going to sound like a $75 guitar regardless of who plays it. For top-tier results, you need top-tier equipment. For online gamers, this could mean quality video monitors, a mouse and keyboard optimized for response time, and other pieces of technology that will help level the playing field, because rest assured, your competition is armed to the teeth with the best equipment money can buy.


Find your comfort zone

If you feel physically uncomfortable when playing online, it will at best be an annoyance, and at worst cause you mental and even physical distress. Make sure you’re in a comfy chair, your clothes feel comfortable, and there is nothing distracting going on around you. Whether you’re on Xbox Live enjoying a round of Battlefield 1 or an online casino player engaged in a tournament, you’ll want to feel rested and relaxed.

Additionally, you may find that you have a ritual or two that helps you focus or get your game face on. Don’t feel embarrassed if you do, as there is no shortage of unique or odd professional athlete rituals that these peak performers would never remove from their competitive routine. 888poker have put together a handy infographic that details some of the odd rituals of top athletes. For example, Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt when playing golf on a Sunday. Tennis queen Serena Williams won’t change or wash her socks when she’s on a winning streak. Hopefully your ritual isn’t hygiene related, but whatever works for you!

And never forget, you must keep sharpening new skills, and the only way to do so is through one gaming session after another. Schedule set breaks to make sure that you don’t burn yourself out or become disinterested in the game. Constantly practice against players of higher talent levels so that you have to rise to the occasion, and aggressively push yourself. Slowly but surely, your online gaming prowess will be far greater than you ever thought possible.




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