The Best Set-up for Online Gaming

Online gaming is big business, with the industry grossing almost $100bn in 2016. Serious gamers that want to make money from their play first need to consider their set-up and whether it gives them the best chance of success.

Here are three important areas to think about:



The same applies if playing World of Warcraft, FIFA or online poker; players with the correct equipment for online gaming will definitely be at an advantage over those playing on small screens or using keyboards with half the letters missing.

Those wanting to increase their chance of success when playing on their PC might find investing in a special gaming monitor helps. They ensure high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay, but they come at an added cost, so consider whether it will be a worthwhile investment.

Other important equipment, especially for PC and laptop users, includes speakers, so players can get the full audio experience; keyboards, which are often used as controls; and even gaming mice, which are ultra-comfortable and super-responsive.

It’s also worth taking video and graphics cards into account. Many modern titles require special hardware if they are to be played to their optimum.


Recommended Specs:



To ensure a reliable connection with smooth gameplay and high-end graphics, gamers need to get the best out of their Internet connection. For online gaming, the key is bandwidth – the connection needs to be able to send and receive data very quickly and without interruption. A quick reboot of the router and installation of the latest firmware should ensure an optimized connection, while it might be handy to conduct a speed test to check ISP speeds. If these aren’t what they are supposed to be, players should contact their provider.

With many of today’s MMORPG and first-person shooters relying on the rapid transfer of huge amounts of data, some might find it beneficial to replace their regular router with one specifically designed for gaming. Making sure ‘Quality of Service’ is turned on is vital too; this means gaming traffic is prioritized over your other devices connected to the Internet.

Cutting-edge equipment and an ultra-fast connection can help when it comes to online gaming, but winning serious money takes commitment and skill. Choosing the right games is vital, as is developing skillful gaming strategies and managing the amount of money you have available to play with. Jean Scott followed those rules and made a million dollars playing video poker on line and you can read how she did it on the 888casino blog.     



Comfort while playing for long periods is important. The chair should be of good quality and properly supportive, ensuring a player maintains a good posture so that time spent online is not interrupted by discomfort. If using a mouse, an ergonomic mouse pad can be handy.

Gamers also need to pay attention to the room they’re going to be playing in. Is it sufficiently lit? This is an important requirement for those gaming at night. Are players easily able to take a break from their screens and go to the toilet or obtain refreshment?

To be a success in online gaming, players require skill, concentration and dedication – but the correct equipment, a good Internet connection and the correct environmental aspects are essential.  




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