CES 2017: Preview of the Biggest Tech Launches

Here’s my predictions … there’s going to be tons of new launches at this year’s CES 2017 … the BBC takes a look at the biggest tech launches.

“CES provides a first glimpse at the future. Pretty much all of the tech giants attend the vast Vegas expo – either to unveil new products or to clinch deals behind the scene. But in recent years it’s been start-ups that have had many of the most eye-arresting and sensational reveals.

There are more at this year’s show than ever before, thanks in part to crowdfunding. They now have to convince retailers – hunting through the halls for the next bestsellers – that the promise of their concept videos has been delivered upon.

Dozens of start-ups are also there thanks to help from governments and other national bodies – France, Israel, Ukraine and the Netherlands all have stands where they’ll fly the flag for local talent. But China may make the biggest splash with more than 1,300 registered exhibitors.”

Source: BBC




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