Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Spring Edition)

Electronics Fair 2017

It’s that time of the year again when the electronics events in Asia kick-off. One again, we attended the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (HKEF 2017) Spring Edition to see what trends there are that’s brewing in the factories of asia, and to reconnect with some great people there.

Smart Wearables

We saw many new vendors making their first visit to HKEF, and many more repeat vendors such as Oplayer, SJCAM and ThiEye. In previous visits of HKEF, smart wearables were always ever present, but this year it seems that the manufacturers have pushing these out in greater variety and volume.


FunkyKit had been invited to go to the GameSir booth, and we duly obliged. After reviewing the T1s controller, we were eager to see what new products they will be releasing next.

We were quickly shown the upcoming T2 controller.

The T2 resembles much like an Xbox One controller, and is said to offer faster response rates bringing an improved gaming experience.

Expect the GameSir T2 controller to be available in the summer.


Action Cameras & Gimbals

One of the standout action cameras at the HKEF amongst the hundreds of other ones on display was not from the usual companies such as ThiEye or SJCAM, but from Sunco:

Sporting a different form factor as that of ‘normal’ action cameras, this model (unfortunately we couldn’t catch the name with all the noise) is slightly longer in shape, reflected in the wider picture it can shoot, accompanied by an wide screen viewfinder on the back.

Capable of recording 4K video at 24 frames per second, this might be something to look out for.


And our coverage of HKEF wouldn’t be complete until we got our grubby hands on some gimbals. We spotted a vendor, hohem showcasing a variety of stabilization gear, for smartphones, action cameras and DSLRs.

Showcasing some 2-axis and 3-axis gimbals, one of the highlights of their products has to be the automatic facial-tracking which would automatically pick up any face it deems to be looking at the camera and then track their movement.

Until the next event, we will leave you with a gallery of what was hot at HKEF:



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