GameSir T1s All-in-One Game Controller

Today we are going to take a look at the GameSir T1s game controller. Only released at the turn of the year, the T1s is fast becoming a massive hit for GameSir, and there’s a reason why……

In celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Chicken, the T1s has been nicknamed the ‘little chicken’, and it’s popularity is sweeping across Hong Kong. Buy now the Game Sir G4s from Amazon –

Even though the official specifications of the T1s does not list it to be compatible with an iPhone, the are instructions inside the box that tells you how to connect to one.


Packaging & Contents

There’s not much you will find inside the box, just the controller itself, a micro-USB charging cable and a small leaflet telling you how to connect the GameSir T1s and how to download games.



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