Apple Watch Series 3 Reviewed at Engadget

All told, the Apple Watch Series 3 feels like two separate devices. When it’s used as a traditional smartwatch — by which I mean it’s connected to, and in range of a phone — it’s the best wearable Apple has ever made. Performance is much improved, battery life is strong, and watch OS 4 feels notably more thoughtful than earlier builds. Some of that polish fades when using the Watch as a standalone device, though. When everything works the way it’s supposed to, the Series 3 is a capable watch-phone hybrid. Unfortunately, wireless performance can be inconsistent and the toll it takes on the battery can be tough to swallow, especially when the feature will cost you $10/month.

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  • Improved performance
  • Great battery life when connected to a phone
  • Valuable new fitness features
  • Siri feels more useful


  • iPhone still needs to be on to receive texts
  • Lousy battery life on LTE
  • Call quality can vary
  • Apple Music streaming not ready yet

Source: Engadget




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