Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Mi 6 Commemorative Edition Unveiled

Mi Band 2

Xiaomi has unveiled a new Mi Band 2 which is meant to commemorate the launch of the Mi 6 flagship. As you know, this year marks 7 years of Xiaomi’s existence but that may not be the only reason why the Mi 6 launch is being made to look so special. We expect the Mi 6 to come with a number of super stunning features other than packing a Snapdragon 835 chip. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Mi 6 Commemorative Edition was announced on Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 official Weibo account today.

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Mi 6 Commemorative Edition comes with the same design as the regular Mi Band 2 but the number “6” is engraved on the touchpad. Apart from that, the words “Mi 6 Memorial” is printed on a part of the rubber straps. These are the two differences on the new band. It is believed the features are the same with the regular Mi Band 2.


The post did not state when the Mi Band 2 Mi 6 Commemorative Edition would go up for sale but it is expected that it would be sold alongside the Mi 6. Perhaps it could be a mysterious gift which Xiaomi plans to give out as gifts to attendees of the launch event. You can check out more images of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Mi 6 Commemorative Edition from under.

Source: GizmoChina



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