Alphacool Debuts Eiszeit 1500W Compressor Cooler

Eiszeit 1500W

If you have looked at the current crop of CPU cooling solutions out there and none pique your interest then maybe Alphacool’s new Eiszeit 1500W compressor cooler is the cooling solution you are looking for. The Eiszeit is a first for Alphacool, who has offered plenty of liquid-cooling solutions so far and now their very first compressor cooler. It has the cooling capability to handle 1500W which means it can handle thermal load several times in magnitude greater than any of Alphacool’s existing liquid cooling solutions.

The Eiszeit has an integrated pump that is also of superior to classic D5 or DDC pumps, having a maximum flow rate of 600 litres per hour. The Eiszeit requires no special connectors or hoses, and it integrates readily to existing Alphacool liquid cooling loops. It uses standard G1/4″ threads which also makes it compatible with most liquid cooling setups in the market. The outgoing water temperature can be adjusted in 0.3 degrees Kelvin increments and all settings can be input on the front display. There is also a built-in alarm and normal function indicator to ensure proper function. An alarm will sound off when the temperature set cannot be held steady or if the flow rate drops from the desired minimum rate.


Maintenance is easy enough with a fill-port on the lid and the 9 litre reservoir can easily be filled as well as emptied through an opening at the back when necessary. Advanced overclocking users who would like to use superior cooling methods on their setup without requiring preparation for dry ice/LN2 setups (such as insulation, etc) will find that the Eiszeit chiller is a convenient alternative. Due to its portability, it is also quite flexible in terms of use in case users want to use it for other things than just cooling CPUs, such as GPU cooling, server rack thermal management and other objects.

Specifications and Technical Data:

Model CW-5200(chiller 2000)
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Current 2.4~3.3A
Compressor power 0.49/0.57KW (0.66/0.77HP)
Refrigeration capacity 1.41/1.70KW
Refrigerant R-134a
Refrigerant charge 380g
Precision ±0.3℃
Reducer Capillary
Protection Surge protection for compressor, flow alarm, high temperature alarm
Pump power 0.03KW
Tank capacity 9L
Inlet and outlet G1/4 Inner threads connector
Max. Lift 10 M
Max. Flow 10 L/min
N.W 29Kgs  
G.W 31Kgs  
Dimensions 56 X 28 X 47 cm (L X W X H)  
Package dimensions 72 X 44 X 57 cm (L X W X H)

Source: eteknix



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