Impossible Project Launches Polaroid Two-Tone BW Polaroid 600 Camera

The Impossible Project adds a fresh twist to the classic Polaroid 600 in a limited edition Two-Tone Black and White.

Polaroid 600

Building on their extensive range of reskinned Polaroid® 600 cameras, Impossible now offers their latest addition, in a distinctive bold color palette. The Two-Tone B&W colorway is strictly limited edition and elevates the playful classic with a custom finish. It has an easy to use point and shoot style, with a built-in flash, fixed-focus lens and simple controls for adjusting exposure levels. Although life is not always as simple as black and white, this new camera makes for an uncomplicated and entertaining collectible.

The Polaroid® instant photo is an icon of culture, creativity and self-expression and Impossible continues to keep the art form of instant photography alive. The new camera celebrates the work of the photographers and artists who have perfected the monochrome palette – names like Robert Longo, Ansel Adams and Eva Rothschild. You too can be inspired by this Polaroid camera that you’ll want to take everywhere, every day, for every occasion.



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