GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI Motherboard Review

With every new generation of chipset comes a new set of motherboards. Manufacturers race to compete with each other to offer the consumer new features, exciting aesthetics, and integrate new technologies to push the industry forward. No matter the need, whether it be an office workstation, media creation, hardcore gamer, or extreme overclocking enthusiast; manufacturers such as GIGABYTE have all of the bases, price points, form factors and feature sets covered. What makes the product we are going to review today so interesting is the amount of options available for fine tuning and tweaking your overclocks, as well as the dual graphics support for both Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire; all at a sub $130 USD price point!


GIGABYTE is no stranger to gamer and enthusiast products. For quite some time now, GIGABYTE has grown into a household powerhouse due to the fantastic customer support that they provide behind their reliable and stable products. I believe GIGABYTE is on a mission to continue their dominance by offering world-class products with competitive feature sets at affordable prices, such as the motherboard we are reviewing today.

It has been some time since Funky Kit has reviewed a motherboard, however that will surely change thanks to manufacturers such as GIGABYTE, who were kind enough to send us over their brand new Z97X-SLI motherboard. Without further delay, let us begin the review!


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I would like to thank GIGABYTE for providing the review sample (and the test bench!). This is a snippet from what GIGABYTE has to say about themselves on their website:

GIGABYTE: Leader in IT Innovation

GIGABYTE was founded in 1986, establishing our uncontested position in continuous technological innovation. By focusing on key technologies and achieving strict quality standards, GIGABYTE has been regarded as an innovative and trusted motherboard leader in the globe. To keep pace in a rapidly changing world, we have offered a comprehensive product line covering Motherboards, Graphics Cards, PC Components, PC Peripherals, Laptops, Slate Devices, Desktop PCs, Network Communications, Servers and Mobile Phones. We are dedicated to building up a full-range digital life, responding promptly and sonorously to consumer needs and desires.

Values in Consumer Experiences

To”Upgrade Your Life” is the idea behind GIGABYTE which conveyed our core values of innovation and inspiration. We keep staying one step ahead of consumer needs, ensuring marvelous consumer experiences with products delivering performance, endurance, craftsmanship, and friendly interfaces. Our innovative designs and exclusive patents have constructed numerous valuable records and enhanced brilliant reputations with the public, including Ultra Durable™ 5 Technology, G1 Killer Gaming Motherboards with AMP-UP Audio Technology, Dual Port Thunderbolt™ Motherboards, WINDFORCE™ 5X SOC Graphics Cards, 2X Copper PCB, 24 Phase Power VRM Design and so forth. Furthermore, we continue to inspire consumer desires with products in multiple values, that include 15.6″ Ultrablade Gaming Laptop P35K and 11.6″ Tablet Padbook™ S1185. The P35K, with the swappable DVD-ROM/HDD slot, efficiently maximizes its storage capacity in the incredibly slim body of 21mm only. And the S1185, with its magnetically attached keyboard on the go, could be easily turned into laptop mode usage just in a snap.

Services with Customer Satisfaction

To offer professional and valuable services, GIGABYTE has built up a complete service network with hundreds of customer service centers, maximizing customer satisfaction around the globe. The delivery of customer experiences has been transformed into tangible and understood customer cares with online technical support and customer-friendly warranty program. We are customer-oriented from the very beginning of product development to the end of value chain. To achieve customer satisfaction, we not only deliver products in top quality but offer anytime-anywhere access of services and create new connections to customers with close, rapid and responsive services.

Power of Continuous Inspiration

As a Taiwan’s Top 20 Brand valued at over US$133 million, GIGABYTE has continually developed advanced technologies and innovative adoption to provide new ways of enhancing customer experiences. With over 10 thousand awards from media and authoritative organizations around the globe, GIGABYTE has gained reputation as a pioneer in motherboard and VGA innovation. As Asia’s Top 100 Tech Company in 2011 and with 100% award-winning of Taiwan Excellence, GIGABYTE has been delivering consistency and accuracy in response to consumer desires. In future, GIGABYTE commit to strengthening our unique position with key technologies, advanced innovations, quality assurance and customer services, leading pace to desires of consumers and the whole world beyond our door.

Let us now take a look at the extensive feature set of the motherboard!




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