EpicGear SonorouZ X Advanced Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Audio Performance

Put the Sonorouz X one and the first thing you will notice is it’s deep thundering bass, this being inline with most of the over-ear gaming headsets that we have previously reviewed. This bass might be great for music, but in a game that delivers constant heavy bass such as Battlefield 1, then it did becoming too heavy. And that’s where the equalizer on the remote control comes in. Flipping it to Game mode, the bass evened itself out into an acceptable level, so I guess the equalizer is useful here.


The positives of the fold down microphone is its flexibility allowing you to bend it to whatever position you feel most comfortable with it. The downside here is that the microphone is on the weak side, which a lot of times I had to speak quite loudly for others to here me in the middle of a game, and even then it was very rasping. 




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