5 Awesome Garden Gadgets for Summer

Garden gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and can really add a lot to your outdoor area. So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest ones below.

1. The Ripe Radish 

Are you tired of being stuck on Farmville planting fake crops, but aren’t quite ready to go with a full garden yet? The Ripe Radish has been created just for you by the designer Sexin. It is a solar lawn lamp that can serve a number of different purposes. First of all, the lawn lamp is solar powered. During the day it is white as it is collecting solar power. At night it then glows red to help light your way. Second of all, it houses all the radish buddies that are soon to be born, which is very cute. The last thing it does is allow you to play a new game called Super 3D Mario Garden. Just think how much fun that will be!

2. Odyssey Muck-Vac

The Muck-Vac Cleaning System from Odyssey removes scum, dirt, fish waste, sludge and other debris out of fountains and ponds. This vacuum is very easy to use and has no moving parts, which means it won’t cause your pond to get cloudy and stirred up. It comes with a vacuum hose, telescoping hose, vacuum head with brush and muck-vac power head. All you need to do is hook it up to your garden hose and turn the water on. In order for it to work properly, it does require 50 PSI minimum water pressure.

3. U-CAN

This design of this clever garden gadget has been inspired by the super-functional trunk of the elephant An extended tactile spout is featured along with built-in wheels on both sides of its reservoir, which makes it easy to pull it from one area of the garden to the next. It is easy to use by seniors, children and adults, and its functional design is especially useful for individuals with limited strength or mobility to prevent exhaustion and injuries.

4. EasyBloom 1000 Plant Sensor

Gain access to over 5,000 plants (U.S. only) with the EasyBloom database. Find plants that will thrive in each area of your garden and home, based on algorithms that have been developed by leading botanists and plant horticulturalists. Diagnose plants that are ailing and restore them to health. Keep an inventory of all of the plants you own and access plant care instructions with just one click. Stop using trial-and-error planting. It saves you a ton of time and money.

5. RoundUp Hose Wheel by Matthew Swinton

This Hose Wheel solves the problems of use, maintenance and storage that come with trying to use a common garden hose reel storage item. This all-in-one unit enables user to unroll a garden hose and rewind it without needing to touch or pull on a hose. The unit travels all the way to where it is being used, thereby avoiding dirty hands, tangles and kinks. Its short hose feature enables the user to go the same distance as a garden hose that is seventy-five feet long yet only having to manage six feet. Longer lengths could be used as well to suit the wants and needs of the user.

6. Water Features

These come in all shapes and sizes and can really add an extra element to the garden space. The fact that there is such a variety of water falls for the garden space, ensures people  have plenty of choice.

One of the main things is to ensure your water feature manufacture is of the best quality as this ensures longevity and many years of happy use.



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