UK Crypto Cards – vs CoinJar vs Nexo

So you’ve invested in crypto, and you’ve manage to make a profit, but how do you actually spend your crypto earnings? Well, a lot of people have been asking me this question. The answer is quite simple. You just need to sign up to one of the few crypto platforms that offer crypto debit cards. Once you have your crypto debit card in hand, you’ll now be able to spend your crypto earnings on purchases at stores, or at online retailers that accept VISA or MasterCards.



One thing I must mention before I start … is that these crypto debit cards are NOT widely available for everyone. It all depends on your country of residence and your citizenship status. The regulations for KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) processes are different for each country. For example, because I’m based in UK, I’m not able to get a Binance card (EU) or a Coinbase card (US). 

As a UK citizen, I was able to get the following crypto cards shown below. 



App Available
Card Type Debit Debit Credit
Widthrawl/Deducted from Top-up Deducted Directly Based on your collateral
APR  N/A N/A 0% – 6.9%
Virtual Card N/A Yes Yes
Physical Card Yes Yes Yes
Card Maintenance Fee None None None
Tiered rates/service Yes N/A Yes
Cash back 2% – 8% in CRO N/A 0.5% in BTC or
2% in Nexo
Desposit required Yes in CRO No No
Know Yor Customer (KYC) for AML Yes – ID required/Address Proof Yes – ID required/Address Proof Yes – ID required/Address Proof
Purchases (Max.)
  • Daily Transactions: $25,000
  • Monthly: $25,000
  • Yearly: No Limit
  • Daily: £5,000
  • 25 transaction max per day
  • Monthly: £15,000
  • Annual: £50,000
  • Transactions: $5,000
  • Daily: $5,000
  • Monthly: $60,000
Transaction Fees
  • Purchases: None
  • Foreign transaction: Nome
  • 1% of the transaction amount
  • Foreign transaction: +2.99% 
  • Foreign currency conversion fee at 0.5% of spend
ATM Cash Widthdrawl (Max.)
  • Daily Zero-fee Cash widthdrawl: $1,000
  • 3 transactions max per day
  • Monthly: $10,000
  • Yearly: No Limit
  • Daily: £2000
  • 5 transactions max per day
  • Cash widthdrawl: $600
  • Daily: $2,000
  • Monthly: $10,000
ATM Fees
  • 2% thereafter
  • Interbank rates monthly limit: €4,000/£3,600
  • 1% of the withdrawal amount
  • $0.79 per transaction (within EU)
  • $1.50 per transaction (outside EU)
  More information More Information More Information




Verdict and Conclusion

One of the first crypto cards I managed to get was the debit card, and I’ve been using it for over 2 years now. No issues what so ever and it’s been perfect. I just need to top-up the debit card whenever I need to use it, using the cryptos I have in my wallet.

The Coinjar debit card is a new comer. I managed to get one only last month. It works differently, by deducting the amount spent directly from the crypto portofilio itself. There’s no need to top-up, but the you need to remember your crypto holdings will decrease over time.

Nexo is another well “sought-after” crypto credit card. Notice I said “credit card” … yes it is a fully fledge credit card with credit limit detemined by the amount of cryptos you fold in your portfolio. You can also borrow against your crypto portolio, your crypto will be used as collateral. Sound s good, but you need to hold a large amount of crypto to get a decent credit limit. 



  • Easy to use App
  • Top-up debit card from your crypto portfolio
  • Worldwide availabilty
  • Earn interest (only availble for UK/EU)
  • 2% cash back in CRO
    (up to 8% for higher tier cards)
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use App 
  • Debit card available
  • Apple Pay supported (Australia only)
  • Deducts spend amount directly from your crypto
  • OK customer support
  • Only Available in EU (inc. UK)
  • Apple Pay supported
  • Earn interest on cryptos you hold
  • Earn cash back 0.5% in BTC or 2% in Nexo
  • Good customer support
  • Borrow against your crypto portolio
    (Your crypto is used as collateral)
  • CRO deposit required for debit card
  • Low interest rates while earning
  • Apple Pay not supported
  • Card is only available in UK, Australia
  • Apple Pay not supported in UK
  • No cash back
  • No option to earn interest
  • Expensive fees for foreign usage
  • Need to hold a large amount of crypto to get a decent credit limit
  • Nexo credit card NOT widely availble
    (There’s a wait list)

Final words:



Great for beginners and pros with worldwide availability. Top-up anytime.


Good for local usage in UK or Australia. Deducts spend directly from your crypto


 A true Credit Card with a credit limit determined by the amount of cryptos you hold in your portfolio

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