Our Podcast Show Ep.17 – We Talk to Thermal Mike from Thermaltake

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In Our Podcast Show this week, Stephen & Winston have a special guest from Thermaltake Technology joining us. We’ll be speaking with Mike Fierheller, a product manager and community leader for Thermaltake USA. Thermaltake is a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC cases, chassis, power supplies, cooling devices and gaming peripherals. Its main headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan. We’ll discuss the company’s latest products and whether it’s time to pull the plug on RGB or double down on them. Most importantly, what’s up with the Thermaltake Bicycles?




  • 00:00 – Intro – Stephen troubleshoots our podcast
  • 01:17 – Who is Mike Fierheller, and what does Thermaltake do?
  • 02:34 – Are supply chain issues still impacting shipping?
  • 03:32 – Does Thermaltake do LIVE weekly streams?
  • 05:07 – What’s so different about Thermaltake’s exhibition booths?
  • 07:45 – Thermaltake P6 Chassis in green!
  • 08:14 – What is a Distroplate? Let’s take a closer look.
  • 09:56 – What’s the next step after RGB? We need LED!
  • 13:16 – Is Mike a big fan of water cooling? Yes, he is!
  • 14:29 – New Thermaltake SWAFANS – What are they?
  • 20:02 – New Thermaltake Toughfan RGB!
  • 22:44 – New Thermaltake ToughRam XG DDR5!
  • 25:23 – Why are overclockers so important?
  • 30:26 – New Thermaltake View 300 MX Mid-tower Chassis (in white)!
  • 42:18 – New Thermaltake Argent K6 RGB Gaming Keyboard!
  • 48:05 – New Thermaltake Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse
  • 49:29 – Thermaltake P3 Chassis. A classic open-chassis design.
  • 51:24 – Will we see more Mini-ITX cases from Thermaltake?
  • 53:24 – Are Thermaltake products compatible with Nanoleaf?
  • 56:05 – Is there a new movement of retro PC modding?
  • 01:00:57 – Are current power supplies big enough for upcoming graphics cards?
  • 01:04:34 – Windows 11 – Was it a good upgrade?
  • 01:06:34 – Are Thermaltake’s AIOs compatible with AMD’s AM5 socket?
  • 01:07:27 – Thermaltake Bicycles – What’s that all about?
  • 01:12:12 – What’s Mike’s favourite sport?
  • 01:16:52 – It’s a wrap. Here’s a social.


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