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Another few months has passed from our previous update on the Unblock Tech IPTV box, and it was about time we gave you another update on the status of the box. In the last few months, Unblock Tech has released the Gen 3 version of their TV box, sporting a faster processor with more cores, but to be honest for everyday streaming you might as well just get the Gen 2 (the one we’ve been using) as it just still works fine, and you pick up at a cheaper as the prices have dropped.

Unblock Tech

If you do want to look out for the latest Gen 3 version, look for the ones with the new splash logo on the top of the box.

So a few months has passed and Unblock Tech seems to have slowed down on their software updates, with just 1 that I can recall since the end of April. But this update seems to be a biggie as the interface has had a complete makeover and the main menu now resembles a bit like Kodi.

Unblock Tech

From the main menu, selecting the left most tile ‘Popular’ will now be direct you to a sub menu as in the photo above. Most of the preinstalled most popular streaming apps are auto loaded into this sub menu, with the UBTV app having a new icon (it was deceiving as I kept clicking on QXTV by mistake) in the bottom left corner.

Unblock Tech

The UBTV app itself has had a makeover, even with the loading screen above….hey as long as the service works, I don’t really care what it looks like. One thing that I have noticed, and I will need to do some more digging around in the settings, is that there only seems to be one UBTV app now, whereas before we had one with a Chinese interface, and one with an English interface. It seems its all English for me.

Unblock Tech

Here’s the new main menu of the UBTV app, rather resembling Kodi. Whilst the interface seems to have been updated, everything else seems to have remained the same, if you select the Applications tab, the square blocky apps menu appear as before.

Unblock Tech

The menu system for the live streams remaining basically the same, but expect previous channels to disappear and new channels to pop up from time to time. Different categories can still be accessed via the left and/or right button on your remote control.

Unblock Tech

If you’re scrolling through the different channel sections and a pop-up password menu comes up, don’t be worried. This is to access the live porn stream channels, and with a simple 4 digit password you then have access to over 30 porn channels. If you require the password, just Google it.

And that’s the latest updates for the Unblock Tech box. Whilst many others have found the service to be choppy and the live stream channels working from time to time, my personal experience has been good with it. Personally, I only switch the Unblock Tech box on when its late at night, so my guess is that during busy times (early evenings), the server for the streams cannot cope with all the uploads. 

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