Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 NVLink Performance And Analysis

Final Words and Thoughts

As you can see from the benchmarks in the previous page, there are some benefits to having a multi-GPU system, but that’s only when you’re benchmarking in 3DMark. Other benchmarks show little or no difference in performance. 

If you’re using a 4K monitor, then having a pair of GeForce RTX 2080 in NVLink/SLI mode will definitely help a lot. The higher resolutions require a lot of GPU power, especially if you have two 4K monitors. 

For general gaming however, you’re not going to see any real or significant improvements. And even if Nvidia releases drivers that will support NVLink/SLI for certain games … you’re still not going to “feel” any noticeable change. Maybe some increase frames rates of around +2-5% … but that’s not going to justify paying doube/twice for another RTX 2080 graphics card.

So what about desktop applications like Adobe Premier, DaVinci and After Effects? Well, I learned from one guy who use all 3 applications mentioned above, and this is what he said …

Premiere CS6 does not support SLI (may lock out some options), DaVinci doesn’t support it, and After Effects supports it, but your performance may drop when using it. (Source: THF)

With waning support for SLI from software companies and game developers, I can see why Nvidia have been slowly removing support for NVLink/SLI. Only a year ago, you were able to run SLI on the previous GTX 10-Series from a minimum of GTX 1070 and upwards. But now with the newer RTX 20-Series, you’ll need a minimum of RTX 2080 … and that means extra costs!

In the end, having a multi-GPU setup with 2 or more Nvidia GeForce cards, is all about bragging rights. To be honest in my opinion, it’s not really worth it … but it does looks damn good though!


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