Part 7 / 8 – Project Yuno Gasai – Add Water Cooling Components and Leak Test

Here’s a quick update on our Project Yuno Gasai Update. In part 7 we mount all the water cooling components, including some really tough hard tube bending.



Bending the hard tubes was quite a challenge, I must have messed up at least twice (wasted 2 hard tubes in the process). The other thing which I found quite difficult, was inserting the tubes into the compression fittings … boy, they were super tight! It’s a good thing I guess, which hopefully means no leaks.

In part 8, we did a little leak test, which I might add … was 100% successful 🙂

Watch out for part 9, in which we will complete the cable management, add the coolant give the system a test drive!

Thank you to our sponsors … Adata, Bitspower, Corsair, Patriot and Zotac.


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