Project Battle Angel Alita – Update April 5th

We’ve just finished applying a couple of coats of Chameleon paint to our mannequin arm. Next we will gloss it up. Enjoy the photos …

We used Plasti Dip for our paint job … not everyone likes it, but we do … and it works well for our purpose 🙂 3 layers of black Pastri Dip base coat was applied before the Chameleon coating.


Watch the quick 18 second video below of the chameleon paint job … 



Here’s a sneak peek of our Project Battle Angel Alita with her arm installed on our  customized Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Plus chassis.



Custom Made GPU Support Bracket (with RGB and ZOTAC logo)

We got these from a friend of mine. They’re custom made GPU support bracket with ZOTAC logo plus it comes with RGB!

The LED is powered by a 4-pin Molex connector, alternatively there’s also a 4-pin RGB cable that can be plugged directly on to the motherboard. Nice!


More to come, so watch this space! …. 

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