Shenzhen SEG Plaza Communications Market

We take a visit to the Shenzhen SEG Plaza Communications Market. The biggest electronics market dedicated to mobile, cellular and communications industry. There are 3 floors selling everything from internal PCB boards of mobile phones to accessories that will make your phone do things you won’t believe.

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First off you need take a train from Hong Kong and then get off at the Hong Kong-China border at Lo Wu station. Once you go pass immigration, head over to the Shenzhen Metro –  Entrance A where you’ll find the Line 1 (Luobao). Stay on the same line until you reach Huaqiang Road station, which is only 5 stops away. When you exit the metro … look for the SEG Plaza or SEG Electronic Market.


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The gang gets cosy and agrees to have everyone (5 of us) to sit on the train seat designed for 4 (space saving!). Half way through the journey, Loy gets a little hungry … so decides to get himself a curry~! Yes, China do have curry … fake or not! Hahaha. After a decent meal, he then decides to become Rambo and try some automatic rifles for size.

Along Huaqing North/Road, there’s also a massive International LED trading centre, as well as the Shenzhen SEG Communications Market … and that’s where we’re heading!

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There are hundreds of tools, designed specifically for dismantling your iPhone (and other brands too). You’ll find moulds made from aluminium or plastic, screw drivers, clamps, suction cups, and even a mini digital microscope!


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There are hundreds of shops for both trade and walk-in customers. If you want to buy in bulk … this is the place to come! Wing bought a replacement straps for your Apple Watch … less than USD $5. I bought an iPhone 5 clamp with weather-proof case for USD $2.


If you want any spare part for your mobile phone … this place WILL have it. Replacement batteries, home buttons, internal PCB boards, LCD screens, casing and more …



Thanks to Loy, Wing and Lyrica for helping with the video … You can check out our other videos at FKTV and also our latest articles as well as our blogs


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